Based on the exhibited outcomes of the professional, objective and scientic analysis for the photographs and testimony given as "the evidence of the massacre", it is possible for us to prove how little validity they have.

Releasing the film which presents unhistorical events as if they the were facts would result in damaging your successful career as the brilliant entrepreneur as well as your personal reputation.

We Japanese sinecerely hope to see your decision of "the courageous withdrawal".

Furthermore, I believe that it would be the decision which will provide even more shine onto your name "Ted Leonsis" and attract even further appraisal in future.


Comment by Mr.yamamoto on November 26, 2006 7:18 AM

第3パラグラフ:勝手に日本人を代表するなよ! 日本政府の見解を否定する「反日」分子どもが!


Photographs run in "rape of Nanjing" are photographs generated by trimming the original before it. In addition, captions of these photographs run in the book are different from captions of the originals. A fact of these "trimming and caption changes" is already proved. When a doubt occurs in all of publication photographs, a common sense person will have a doubt in contents of a book. I recommend that you inspect the Nanjing case carefully in a situation of the third person without swallowing that one party says whole.

Comment by beach-click on November 28, 2006 12:08 AM



(...)I’m from Japan, I’m Japanese. I was very surprised and disappointed to read the news that you were under produce of the documentary film about Nanking Massacre on basis of Iris Chang’s “Rape of Nanking”. As you may not know, there is the largest message board named “2 Channel” in Japan.Your next movie has been got into the news since Dec.26 among Japanese people. In this message board, a lot of people are controverting about whether Nanking Massacre took place actually or not.

おいおい、2chを紹介してどうするよ(笑) まあしかし、これはあからさまに逆効果でしょうな。「専門家は否定論なんて相手にしてないんだろ?」と思われるだけで。

To be honest, I also believed Nanking Massacre….until 8 years ago. When I watched TV news that a Japanese Politician said “Nanking Massacre was the fantasy.”, I shouted for TV, “This person will deny also Auschwitz and Hiroshima!” However, I have become to know the truth thanks to the Internet since the recent a few years.


Now that I know these photos are not true, it is natural that I should doubt whether Nanking Massacre took place actually.


Hi. Ted,

I'm very sorry to say a litte bit rude thing to you. What a naive person you are! (...) You mistook.

Comment by TAMAGAWABOAT on November 30, 2006 4:13 AM


つぎにこれ。これはメールで送ったのかな? ちなみに、ここの一部をコピペしたものです。そちらで和文も読めます。

As a matter of fact, neither Rabe nor other westerners of the Safety Zone Committee members, who might have been able to walk around freely in the city with Nazi Swastika armband on, had ever witnessed illegal murders by Japanese soldiers during six weeks.

安全区委員会のメンバーにはアメリカ人が多いのに、ハーケンクロイツつけろってのかよ! 確かに彼らは、安全区の中であればほぼ自由に移動できた。しかしながら、安全区の中で大量虐殺が起こったと主張している人間はいない。

Rabe, who had never witnessed even one case of murder, sent a report to Hitler by saying 'The number of victims were 50,000 to 60,000,' while to the German Embassy in Shanghai, by saying 'thousands'.

もう一つの可能性。 "50,000 to 60,000" を "thousands" と言い換えるのはおかしくもなんともないでしょう。50 thousands なら50,000だから。英語には「万」という単位がないので、thousand とmillion の間の数を漠然というときには全部thousandsですよ。ちなみに『リーダーズプラス英和辞典』にもちゃんと「[pl.] 1000 以上 100 万未満の数; [Opl.] 《漠然と》 何千, 多数.」とあります。

Of the 250,000 refugees in Nanking, a large proportion are homeless due to the extensive burning that has taken place in the city and its vicinity. Also there are many hundreds, if not thousands, of cases where the wage earner has either been taken away or killed, and where the family is in acute distress.

In 1997, Rabe's diary was published worldwide and in 2008 it would be made to a movie. (by Mr. Leonsis) It would be next to impossible to judge Rabe's testimonies to be due evidence, because he varied widely in the number of victims by report depending on his intended audience.


というわけで"an integrity verification about John Rabe's Diary"は大失敗です。続きはまた後ほど。